Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pacific Sands develops 'Critter Cleaner' for gulf oil spill clean up

Racine's Pacific Sands announced today that the company has garnered new business from its "Critter Cleaner" technology, which was initially developed to assist in the BP gulf oil spill cleanup efforts.

"Critter Cleaner" is a nontoxic, water based and solvent free degreasing technology that was developed by Pacific Sands lead research chemist Dr. Jack Hagarty to safely disperse and emulsify oil and other petroleum products. Of the many potential applications of this technology, "Critter Cleaner" was designed to safely remove oil from spill-affected pelicans, aquatic birds and other wildlife without exposing the animals to the additional chemicals, artificial dyes and fragrances contained in the product currently used to treat these animals.

The company received numerous private label and distribution inquiries into the technology when a humorous YouTube video ( of Company President Michael Wynhoff testing the product on Racine Mayor John Dickert led to regional media attention.

To date the company has garnered one new private label customer and another of the company's customers has placed its first order for a variation of the product for use as a dish soup, which will begin appearing on store shelves across the country in the coming weeks.

"While we continue to pursue opportunities for cleanup in the gulf, we are focusing on the consumer and industrial applications of this unique technology," said PFSD president Michael Wynhoff. "The profitable applications for a non-petroleum, nontoxic, eco-friendly, solvent-free degreasing technology is enormous."

Portions of the "Critter Cleaner" degreasing technology are currently available in the company's Natural Choices "refillables" products available at

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