Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shurpac, Inc. set to Expand Facility, Workforce

The City of Racine put out the following press release today:
RACINE – Thanks to a partnership with the City of Racine resulting in an assessment grant from the DNR, Shurpac Inc. is preparing for a building and workforce expansion at its long-time Racine location – 1700 Phillips Avenue.

The City of Racine, in partnership with Shurpac applied for an environmental assessment grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and was awarded the grant to perform the assessment. The grant will facilitate the completion of phase I and phase II of the property.

As a result, Shurpac will be able to increase its building investment and eventually its workforce by 50 employees.

“From a city standpoint, our No.1 objective is to be able to partner with our local businesses and job opportunities,” said Mayor John Dickert. “Shurpac has committed to the City of Racine and the City of Racine has committed to Shurpac.

“We were able to cut through the red tape in Madison, partner with the DNR, and get the job done and because we were successful in doing so we have a local company able to expand its facility and that expansion will eventually create 50 more jobs. This is very exciting news.”

Shurpac is equally excited about the partnership and the results.

“Mayor Dickert has been very proactive and aggressive in helping us with any issues that have come up,” said Shurpac President Jeff Hoey. “The city has made us feel wanted. They’ve made great partners. We’ve been a part of this business community for 52 years.The city and the Mayor worked side-by-side with us to make sure this expansion happened and because they did we are very pleased to be able to create more jobs for the people in our area.”

Since Shurpac had outgrown its current location, the city was in danger of losing a valuable employer. Partnering together, the city and Shurpac determined the need to investigate the vacant parcel adjacent to the company and then successfully applied for the needed funding.

 “This project is a testament to Racine’s prime manufacturing location in the Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor,” Mayor Dickert added. “It also highlights the partnership among local and state governments and our economic development organization to create and retain critical jobs in our community. This is another win for the residents of Racine.”

For additional information on this project and the assistance that may be available to other employers in Racine County, contact the Racine County Economic Development Corporation at 262-898-7424.

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