Monday, October 4, 2010

West Bend couple planning to reopen Dynaseal as Altus Vinyl

The City of Racine is in the process of partnering with Racine County Economic Development Corporation and business owners Richard and Christine Burt of West Bend to establish another business in Stephen F. Olsen Industrial Park, replacing one that closed earlier this summer.

“This is another opportunity for the city to create a partnership with our local development organization – RCEDC and a business willing to establish itself within our city limits,” said Mayor John Dickert. “The important thing is it will create more jobs and the Burts both understand the importance of hiring local people and putting them back to work.”

Dickert, City Administrator Tom Friedel, Director of City Development Brian O’Connell along with RCEDC Deputy Director Jenny Trick and Business Finance Director Carolyn Engel have been working with Bert to bring Altus Vinyl to the site of the old Dynaseal Incorporated – 3801 S. Memorial Drive.

Dynaseal closed its doors in June and now the Burts hope to fulfill one of their dreams – that of owning their own business.

They have been working with RCEDC and the city to help secure the financing necessary. The Burts are in the process of acquiring the business assets of the former Dynaseal company and are already operating having hired back seven local employees.

“This is a dream come true for us,” said Richard Burt. “It’s been our dream to own our own business and then help out the community in which it is located by being able to hire locally. We have been pleased to have the opportunity work with RCEDC and the City of Racine. They really made us feel very wanted.”

Once the financing is secure, Altus Vinyl hopes to continue to add to its workforce eventually hiring 20 or more local employees. 

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